Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preview reception

We've got our first review in after last nights preview show. It's the premiere tonight and we're on till Saturday. Book your tickets now!

...The play has been segmented, with five directors, each tackling a piece in their own individual style. The compound result from Melissa Merchant (Act 1), Tim Brain (Act 2), Mikala Westall (Act 3), Serge Tampalini (Act 4) and Ralf Rauker (Act 5) is presented impeccably, with no jarring changes of pace or technique.
The script is along the lines of BBC1 tv’s highly successful version of this raw, revolutionary prose in 1982, which starred David Bowie as Baal and ZoĆ« Wanamaker as Sophie.
One begs the fact, if you are going to put on a such a raw production, then you must realise that it is most frustrating for theaudience to watch a highly edited and modified version suitable only for ten-year-olds. Thirty years after the BBC, Serge and Ralf - two highly respected directors and producers - in tackling a controversial subject like ‘Baal’, have correctly demanded a huge amount from their fellow directors and the cast. The sex scenes were handled cleverly and the actors gave daring and convincing performances. The team have all rallied to the call, and given it their all. This generosity of spirit and commitment shows the respect they have for each other, along with the desire to do Brecht’s very complex, but commendable, work justice.
As mentioned in the synopsis, the characters change with each Act and director. To help us follow the storyline and retain the pace, the costumes (Bryony-Angel Wilson aided by Peta Kuchel, Holly Pritchard and Chantel Bell) have been kept the same style and colour for each character....

Read more here. We have it on our media review page as well. 

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