Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introducing, The Acts

To whet your appetite. The 4 acts.

Act 1.

Act 2.

The Cabaret

Act 3

Act 4

There's more of those in the Photos section. There'll be more photos coming up in the coming weeks, a video or two, and more stories to tell as the time progresses. Stay tuned.

On a side note:

Since the very first week of planning, there's been a cast/crew member of this production that has been sick/injured/hospitalised. Two directors have been in the hospital, one of the actresses had an eye infection and had to wear an eye patch, the webmaster whose writing this now had an ankle sprain last week and just yesterday one of the actresses fell to an allergic reaction to something.

Now you know why we call it The Baal Virus.

It ain't no Scottish Play, but it is scary to say the least.

(And yes. Actors are so superstitious we don't even want to type the name out)

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