Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let us explain

If you look properly at the header above and the poster to the right of the website (I bet a lot of you literally turned your head to the right to see a wall/person/ghost), you'll see that we put a lot of very famous celebrities there. And you're wondering why, aren't ya?

As weeks go by, we discover that Baal resembles a lot of celebrities. And not just any celebrities. Tragic celebrities.

Look at the very first picture. That's Kurt Cobain. Lead singer of Nirvana (Editors Note: Please. Nobody ask us who Nirvana is. If you have to ask, your childhood is not complete). He wrote brilliant songs, brilliant albums, was considered untouchable in the world of music. And his brains ended up on his garage door when his finger pulled a trigger (Some say it was Courtney Love's finger).

For those younger readers, his story is comparable to Amy Winehouse. She's another we all considered a Baal. Most of the cast worship her (Not the writer. He hates her) and her talent.

And she refused to go to rehab. Such a negative person.
(I can hear my bosses screaming at me as I write this. And the rest of the cast. And crew. And readers. And her fans)

It's not just in the music industry that parallels of Baal can be found. Who can forget the late and great Marlon Brando?

He was young, he was immense (literally), he was marvellous. And he was untouchable.

Who do you think is your Baal? Tell us in the comments section.

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