Saturday, October 22, 2011

Of Posters, Banners, Bookmarks, Newspapers, Stickers and Baal

All around Perth, our Posters, Stickers and Bookmarks are starting to pop up. These things appearing all the way from Freemantle to Mandurah, CBD to Rockingham.

The Banner in front of Nexus Theatre

The back of the Baal bookmarks

The front of the Baal bookmarks

If you think that's a lot of bookmarks, it doesn't touch the surface of how many of them are going around

Yes. That's a gym locker room. Won't say which one though

And these stickers are popping up everywhere as well. We are not accountable for them being put up everywhere. We just give them out and have plausible deniability if they pop up near your area.

Our Media Reviews page has a link to an article from the Mandurah Coastal Times previewing Baal, with focus on our first Baal, Steve Capener, a Mandurah resident.

There'll be an interview with Steve, one of our directors Ralf Rauker, and one of our actors Moana Lutton, that will be shown on 'The Couch' on the 28th of November at 3. Do check it out. 

We also have a radio interview on RTRFM 92.1 on the 24th of October at 3 PM, featuring another director, Mikala Westall and of our actresses, Jessica Allen.

9 days to go people? Have you booked your tickets on the Tickets page?

And finally, do check out our Cast and Crew Profile page, to see who plays what, who does what, and who they think their own personal Baal is (and yes, I know. There's a lot of Charlie Sheens there)

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